Join the movement. People Power Change. Art Power Change.

Power Tree Quilt: Making art

The Power Tree Quilt provides an artistic representation and framework for our movement.  It embodies the extensive power we the people have to create the change we need.  It holds space for everyone and anyone to have a voice.  Participating in the quilt demonstrates the many ways people are committed to envisioning and working for a future free from oppression.

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Postcard: Call for legislative actions

Make your voice count. Send your legislator this postcard asking for legislative change around policing issues. Find your council member for Minneapolis or St. Paul.

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Protest Song:  Hand in Hand

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Peace Ribbons: Make a wish for change

ribbon on string hand on ribbon10945881_10153065564992943_6785046862627988497_o

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Million Artist Movement T-Shirts:  Be the Change

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